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Home Bulletin: Wednesday, April 8, 2020



We invite people to consider the opportunity to work with a dedicated faculty and staff, passionate parents, and fantastic students through several positions opening for the 2020-21 school year!  Please help us spread the word.

Positions opening for the next school year are:


For details on the positions and how to apply, go to our website:

Please check the online calendar for upcoming events (

The 2020-21 School Calendar can be found here:

Check out the Parent Connection Easter Addition at

For those of you with new students at SCCS next year, an email was sent out this morning with instructions on how to enroll.  If you did not receive an email and will have a new student at SCCS next year, please email

Continuous Enrollment:  In the midst of this unique time, we have come to the time of year when we start making plans for the next school year!  We have full confidence and faith in God and His care for SCCS and are planning ahead.  We are continuing what we did last year and have eliminated our spring enrollment process!  We will auto enroll your kids for the 2020-2021 school year...and every year after until they graduate!

If you have a new student in your family attending SCCS next year, you will need to enroll that child. Watch for a link that will be emailed to you next week.

If your student(s) will not be attending SCCS next year...Please contact Dr. Bowar to share your intentions for your student(s) by April 15.  We understand that not all plans for next year are known by April, but please contact Dr. Bowar as soon as you know there may be a change. In April, we start making class lists, purchasing curriculum, and hiring personnel based on enrollment numbers, so it is important we know numbers as soon as possible.

THANK YOU for choosing Sioux Center Christian!!  We LOVE having your family as part of our SCCS community and we look forward to another year of learning and living God's Story TOGETHER!

Class Lists:  This is the time of year when teachers begin to create class lists for next year’s homerooms:

Q:     What is the first step in developing class lists?

A:     Your child’s current classroom teacher will connect with the other grade level teachers to complete a rough draft of the class list for next year.  We have learned that it is important to begin with the professionals who spend time with your child and with other children at Sioux Center Christian School.

Q:     What information do the teachers use to make the class lists?

A:     We attempt to balance classes with regard to gender ratio, ability to work independently, academic needs, learning styles, social needs, behavioral concerns, and special needs.

Q:     I always feel bad making a teacher request.  If my heart is urging me to provide input, what is the proper way to communicate my input to the school?

A:     Parent input is always welcome, and your input is carefully considered at all times.  Please provide your input to Mrs. Lisa Mouw in writing by April 15.

Q:     If I make a request, is it safe to assume my child will be in the requested class?

A:     We welcome parent input, yet the final decision rests with the school.

Q:     What if I provide my input during the summer or even after the class lists are posted in August?

A:     This makes it difficult for the school to make adjustments for a few reasons:  we oftentimes call the classroom teachers to figure out how this potential adjustment would upset their recommended balance, and it puts your child in a difficult situation when other students ask them why they changed classes.

Because of the fluidity of class lists involving new students throughout the summer, the lists will not be posted until August 1. We covet your prayers as we work through this process!

Do you have a child who is ready to start school this fall?  Round Up is postponed until a later date. Go to our website ( or stop by the office for our Round Up packet. If you know of any families who might be interested in sending their child to SCCS, please share this information with them!

From the PACE Salt Sales CommitteeSalt Delivery Date that was set for Saturday, April 18 will be POSTPONED.  Alternate plans are being discussed by the salt team.  If you have any questions, please contact Tina Folkerts: 712-441-1319 or Emily Kramer: 712-441-7539

Trail’Raiser Night News – Trail’Raiser Night will no longer be held as an in-person event this spring.

  • We are planning to have an Online Auction of the items that were donated before March 16, including classroom donations. We do not have dates set for the online auction, but we hope to hold it before the beginning of June. We will not be soliciting our local businesses for donations, but if you as family would like to donate something to the auction, or if you own or work for a business that would like to donate to the auction, please connect with Amy Vander Berg (, cell: 712-441-4530).
  • We want to PRAISE GOD for the provision He has already brought to Trail’Raiser Night to reduce the debt on our 2015 building expansion project! Before the event, several donors generously gave to our request to provide MATCHING DONATIONS to Trail’Raiser Night. $36,000 in matching donations was raised and $15,630 has been “unlocked” by your purchase of Wood Prayer Magnets!
  • With $20,370 left in the match, it will be our goal to unlock that remaining amount through the online auction and Truth t-shirt sales. It’s not as lofty a goal as we had originally planned, but God is good and ALL GIVING that we do right now, no matter the amount, is a beacon of generosity at this time!
  • Truth T-shirt sales will continue online – most likely through the dates of the online auction. Order here: Most likely, they will be available for pick up in June.
  • Gourmet Cupcakes, Bars, and Snack Mixes – we are looking at doing a fall gala event (we have some fun ideas!) and will offer these at that time.
  • The Celebration of Learning will not be rescheduled. It will be back next spring with Trail’Raiser Night 2021 – which will include a full auction, freewill supper, and everything else, Lord willing!

Sioux Center Christian School is excited to offer a new childcare opportunity for 4-year olds enrolled in morning preschool for the 2020-21 school year! It is called 4Care and will be held Monday through Thursday afternoons and all day on Fridays at school. We are also excited to offer busing options for Preschool students and our TK students for the 2020-21 school year! Head to our website for all the details on 4Care and Busing:

Parents of TK-5th Graders:  Have you registered for Tales and Trails 2020 Summer Camp?  Students will participate in a variety of theme-related experiences each week, plus enjoy times for outdoor play.  This camp provides a cost friendly option for supervision during the summer months.  For information and registration please go to the following link:  Sign up for one week, all eleven weeks or anything in-between.  We hope your child can join this fun summer camp opportunity!

Staff Member of the Month:  Nominate a staff member to become the Pella Corporation Staff member of the month.  Pella Corporation will award one monthly recipient $500.00 to use towards school approved items and a certificate of recognition.  A nomination form can be found at


The Office Handouts ( is the place to check regularly for camp information, registration forms, and more!  Currently there is information for:  

  • Driven School of Driving-Summer Session
  • Unity Christian Summer Sports Camps and Workouts
  • Western Christian Junior High Wolfpack Football
  • Summer Camps at Oak Grove – registration begins April 1
  • Western Christian Softball Information
  • Western Christian Girls Basketball Camps
  • Unity Jr. Knights Softball for 4th-8th Grades
  • Unity Jr. Knights Baseball for 5th-8th Grades
  • Western Christian Football Camps
  • Sioux Center Rec Boys & Girls Spring Soccer for K-6th Grades

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