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So what do parents think of Sioux Center Christian School?  Check it out.


We asked parents these two questions:

  • What did/do you appreciate about SCCS?

  • What do you think other parents should know about SCCS?

"There are so many things that I appreciate about Sioux Center Christian School.  First of all the teachers/staff are second to none.  Second, the curriculum the students are taught and how modern technology has been incorporated into each classroom.  Third, the theme chapels which bond the school together as a Christian family.  Finally, the feeling you get when walking through the hallways you can just feel that God is there.  Whether you hear children singing, or hear teachers teaching, God’s spirit is present.

Other parents should know that their children are not only getting a first rate education with teachers/staff who care, but are most importantly learning more about their walk with God through EVERYTHING that they are taught!  SCCS is equipping our children with the tools that they will need and hopefully use for the rest of their lives."

--Dean and Tracy Kollis


"We can not say enough about Sioux Center Christian.  Over the years, they have continued to work with us to find out what works best for our child.  They are always open to our input but we feel confident knowing they are also advocating for him, looking for new ways to teach our child and to help him reach his God given potential!  Other parents should know that Sioux Center Christian not only focuses on a Christ centered education but on each individual student and the unique child that God created them to be."
--Brad and Deb Krommendyk

"We have appreciated the teachers at SCCS so much.  Mrs. Van Solen has been a dream teacher for our 1st grader.  Our son is full of energy and “all boy.”  I was expecting him to hate school because of his distaste for sitting still.  To our pleasant surprise, he loves school and loves his teacher.  We have been very impressed with the organization of the curriculum and quality of the subject material.  Our son loves learning and is eager to discover new things, but of course his favorite 'subject' is still recess.

There is a difference between teaching Christian things and teaching Christianly.  And it is easy to fall into the ditch of either side; however I have been impressed with SCCS’s ability to teach Christian things AND teach Christianly.  There is so much more to Christian education than incorporating memory work and holding a chapel service.  As important as those activities are, the lens to see the world from a Christian perspective is paramount if we are to provide the motivational “why” we worship or read Scripture.  At SCCS, the teachers are encouraged to hold up this lens as they peer into subject matter, relationships, disciplinary actions and character forming habits.  Because of this, the students are blessed with the ability to grow in thought and practice in a culture of Christian discipleship."          

--Jonathan and Kara DeGroot


"As parents of a child with special needs, we are so impressed with how the staff of SCCS goes above and beyond to make sure our son is getting the education and positive school experience he deserves! We are grateful for the emphasis that is placed on showing love and acceptance of others and what it means to be a trailblazer for Christ. SCCS is a remarkable school full of learning, fun, and love for God and others!"
--Lance and Joni Roorda

"We appreciate the great preparation for high school, lots of opportunities for involvement, the fantastic orchestra program, and the Discovery program is top notch!  We want other parents to know that SCCS has a positive Christian environment and there is a great partnership between the church, home, and school."

--Ryan and Val Zonnefeld


"We deeply appreciate all the teachers and staff at SCCS! Knowing that they truly seek to serve Christ in everything they do, gives us complete trust as we put our kids in their care each day.  We know they see each child as God’s unique design,  with different gifts and abilities, and they strive every day to teach, love and challenge these precious children of God according to the truths He has given in His Word.  Parents should know that they can confidently send their children to Sioux Center Christian, knowing that the teachers and staff, who love and serve the Lord, also love their children. They desire to bring a knowledge of God’s creation to our children, but also an understanding of His sovereignty in everything, encouraging them to live each day in obedience to Christ, their King."
--Dale and Amy Vander Berg

"We appreciate the dedication that the teachers have to Christian education...not only do they teach them math, history, art, etc., they teach them from a Christian perspective. My child sees how wonderful our Creator is through all the subjects. I want people to know that not only does SCCS strive to be a quality education system, but they also walk alongside parents to support our children in their walk with the Lord."

--Jeff and Christine Koops


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