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since 1905

Faith Nurturing

With God's leading, we strive to support the faith development of students at Sioux Center Christian School.


We believe that only God can form faith. It's only God that can truly touch and affect hearts.  At Sioux Center Christian School, our goal is to nurture faith through several structures and activities, trusting in God to truly form faith in those who believe in Him.


We seek to connect our head, our heart, and our hands in a way that serves both God and others, in a way that nurtures faith in those doing the serving.

How do we do that at Sioux Center Christian School?


We work to be intentional about focusing on God and His Word throughout our day at Sioux Center Christian School.  Whether it be studying birds or paragraphs, multiplying fractions or learning a new song, the faculty and staff strive to always bring it back to God, to use learning and the work that's done to glorify Him.  Everything we do at Sioux Center Christian School comes from a Christian perspective, our belief that God owns it all and that He made everything.

Teaching for Transformation provides a framework for the development of authentic and integral Christian learning experiences that are grounded in a transformational worldview with a focus on seeing and living out God’s Story.

To learn more about Teaching for Transformation (TfT), click here.

We try to permeate our day in prayer.  Each teacher in each class starts the day with devotions focusing on a topic that is age-appropriate and targeted to the needs of the students.  Teachers also make it a point to include prayer requests and prayer regularly into their day, whether it be in the morning, before lunch, when the teachable moment comes, or at the end of the day.

Each year, the students at Sioux Center Christian School learn from a school-wide storyline.  These storylines are incorporated into the classroom and school life through chapels, special activities, small groups, and devotions. Students, faculty, and staff also receive a t-shirt to help them remember the storylines as we worship, work, and play throughout the year.

We have chapel at least once a month, with some chapels focusing on our school-wide storyline and some focusing on special holidays throughout the year. We also gather weekly for praise and worship, small group devotions, and other worship activities.   


Connection Groups are related to our school-wide storyline.  Each connection group is made up of 2 homerooms from different grade levels. Students meet to discuss and live out the throughline of the month, to pray together, and to build relationships.  

We know that learning Scripture is an important discipline in the Christian life.  Learning Scripture provides guidance in our faith journey, gives comfort and assurance during difficult times, and prepares us to share our faith with others. 

At SCCS, memorizing Scripture also compliments our distinctively Christian teaching.  In order to assure that this is being done deliberately at all grade levels, our memory verse program includes the following goals:

  • Students will understand the importance of memorizing Scripture for their personal lives and their faith development.
  • Students will understand that we are being obedient to God by memorizing Scripture.
  • Students will understand the meaning and context of selected memory verses.
  • Students will be able to relate the memory verses to their lives.
  • Students will be able to remember Bible verses beyond the required time they are tested on them.
  • Students will be encouraged to read and memorize Scripture on a daily and weekly basis.
  • Students will “write God’s Word on their hearts” through memorizing Scripture.

Our memory verse program includes the following elements:

  • Students will learn well, understand, review, and be encouraged to live out the suggested six Scripture verses/passages at each grade level.
  • Students will review all the verses/passages from the previous year, including what they mean and how they can be implemented into the daily lives of students.
  • Teachers will assess whether or not students have learned the memory verses required at each grade level.
  • Students will complete the pages in their personal memory verse folder, and teachers will pass the folders on to the next grade level at the end of each year.
  • Teachers will integrate theme verses whenever appropriate.
  • Some students may choose to challenge themselves to review all of the verses they have learned previously!  

For a list of the memory verses included at each grade level, click here.

Sioux Center Christian School has decided to implement a Faith Formation Journal for the following reasons:

  • Students need opportunities to reflect on their faith and what they believe throughout their life.
  • Students need opportunities to express/articulate their faith in appropriate ways throughout their life.
  • It is our hope that after reflecting on and articulating their faith, students will be more able and willing to apply their beliefs into their words and actions.

Details of the Faith Formation Journal:

  • Teachers at each grade level have developed an age-appropriate writing prompt, question, or several questions for students to choose from as a way to reflect on and articulate their faith.  These questions are tied to a Bible lesson/unit/theme, a devotional, a chapel, or a book read to the class. 
  • This writing activity is done throughout the year. 
  • It is not evaluated in any way.
  • Students are encouraged to give sincere and thoughtful responses to the questions and/or writing prompts. 
  • These responses (at least one per year) are be collected and placed in a folder to follow students throughout their time at SCCS.  The folders are given to students when they graduate or leave our school.

To see the prompts used at each grade level, click here.

In addition to integrating our Christian perspective in every subject and activity, we also provide students with a Bible class and curriculum.

With the goal of developing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, the role of teaching Bible in a Christian school is to equip students with Bible knowledge, to encourage students to apply these truths to their lives, and to actively serve God and others in His world.

The Bible is God’s story, and teaching the Bible helps us to see how we fit into His story.  I Peter 3:15b reminds us about the importance of learning the truths outlined in Scripture:  “Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.  But do this with gentleness and respect.”

At Sioux Center Christian School, we desire to have our students develop a personal relationship with Christ and His people, with the help of the Holy Spirit.  We want our students to know the Word, believe the Word, and live the Word. We want them to develop faith-nurturing habits to deepen their Christian lives, including personal devotions, daily prayer, and using Scripture to discern the cultural influences they encounter each day.  We will encourage students to recognize God’s plan and to see His grace in their lives and in the world.

Curriculum Standards for K-8 CSI Bible Curriculum

  • Students know key biblical passages, characters, and events.
  • Students know the historical and cultural context of the Bible.
  • Students understand various Christian and non-Christian religious views.
  • Students understand how geography and culture impacted the biblical story.
  • Students know how the Bible is organized, the types of literature the Bible includes, and how to read the Bible.
  • Students use a variety of reference materials.
  • Students understand what the Bible teaches about God.
  • Students understand what the Bible teaches about truth.
  • Students understand what the Bible teaches about God’s creation.
  • Students understand what the Bible teaches about people.
  • Students will be encouraged to apply biblical teaching to all of life and learning.