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"Go Undercover with a Good Book" Literacy Week

Literacy Week at Sioux Center Christian School: February 1-5, 2021
"Go Undercover with a Good Book"


Our Deep Hope: As agents of restoration we will delight in the gift of reading and books
and share that joy with others.

Click here for a PDF of the Literacy Week Teacher and Parent Guide


Monday, February 1  

At School - Go undercover with your connection group! 

Grab a mask, buddy up with students from your ​connection group and read a book together!

At Home - Make a secret message with invisible ink.  Have fun!


Tuesday, February 2  

At School - Arrange a Mystery Reader(s) to read to your class or view a Mystery Reader Video. 

Can you guess who is reading?

           Mystery Reader 1
           Mystery Reader 2
           Mystery Reader 3


At Home - Play, “Who am I?” using book characters. 

Choose a character from a favorite book and share 3-5 clues about that character.  Can others guess who it is?  

Example:  I am big and red and friendly, and my best friend is Emily Elizabeth.  Who am I?


Wednesday, February 3 

At School - Storyline Chapel: Agents of Restoration LOVE

Show your selfless love by donating a gently used children's book to Promise Community Health and Reach Out and Read!

At Home - Offer to read devotions at dinner with your family.

Praise God for the gift of books and reading!


Thursday, February 4  ​

At School - Dark Mode Reading!

Grab a flashlight, turn off the lights and read quietly! 

At Home - Build a reading tent out of blankets or sheets.

Grab a flashlight and read a book!  Enjoy!


Friday, February 5  

 At School - Disguise yourself as a character in a book! 

Can we guess who you are?

At School for Grades TK-4 - Indoor Undercover Agent Book Walk