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Donate Gourmet Cupcakes, Bars & Snack Mixes

Do you like to bake?

We would love to have you donate Gourment Cupcakes, Bars and Snack Mixes to our Trail'Raiser Night event!


Gourmet Cupcakes

Please choose your favorite recipe(s) for the cupcakes. We love ALL the varieties that come…but don’t be afraid of any chocolate variety – we truly can’t have too many chocolate-type cupcakes (I say this because it’s easy to think you need to choose something different than chocolate varieties).

Cupcake clamshell containers are available to pick up at TRIP Office/school office 8am-4pm M-F
When you know what kind of cupcakes you’ll be making, please fill out this short form by April 14, so we can print labels for you (they will be available when you drop off your cupcakes).


Gourmet Bars & Snack Mixes

Please choose your recipe(s) from our list of recipes (click here) (Note: Please don't use the 2019 recipes...there have been some changes). There are printed copies of the recipes by the TRIP office window.

Clamshell containers are available to pick up at TRIP Office/school office 8am-4pm M-F
Instructions for cutting bars, etc are on the recipe sheet.

You DO NOT need to let us know what you are making….we will have preprinted labels available for every recipe (you will put them on your container when you drop off the goodies Apr 16 or 17).

Please drop off your donations (bars, snack mixes, cupcakes) by the orchestra room at school on

FRIDAY, APRIL 16 from 11:30am-7pm or SATURDAY, APRIL 17 from 10am–12:30pm.

(use the main entrance - we'll have a sign directing you to the orchestra room, to the right down the hall)