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Legacy Plan


What is the Legacy Plan all about?

July 02, 2018
By Donald Roth, President of Legacy Plan Team

What is the Legacy Plan all about?

When we first announced the Legacy Plan, our first public communications proclaimed that we desire to be "one society, spread across many churches and families, support[ing] a school committed to an education rooted in Christ and grounded in His Word.” This sort of vision sounds great, but what does it exactly mean? As we announced a month ago, the Legacy Plan has become a separate charitable organization, so what does it mean for this organization to pursue this vision?


Our Vision is Rooted in our Conviction that Christian Education is a Faithful Response to the Missional Charge to both Parents and Churches.

When we think of missions, we often think of missionaries in foreign countries, and while this is an important frontier in the growth of God’s Kingdom,

God also gives us a definite charge to serve Him in bringing the gospel to our children and preparing them for His service.

We are all familiar with Proverbs 22:6’s charge to parents to “train up a child in the way they should go,” and we know that the whole church is charged by Christ in Matthew 28 to “make disciples” and “teach them.” However, we also know that our gifts are not all the same, and James 3 even warns us that not everyone should become a teacher because of the seriousness of this task. Nonetheless, one of the great blessings we have in Christ is that we are not alone. We have churches, families, and institutions like Christian schools which can work together in pursuing this important calling.


Our Mission is Carried out as a Covenant Community.

Christian education, then, responds to these crucial callings by looking to our unity in Christ and, in line with Romans 12, seeking to joyfully serve one another, looking to our spiritual gifts, allowing those gifted in teaching to teach, while those of us gifted in encouragement, generosity, and so many other areas gather around this common task as a covenantal community. The Legacy Plan seeks to support this communal effort by connecting families and churches in a broad coalition united in our support of the mission of Christian Education at Sioux Center Christian School, and we desire to foster and reinvigorate a cradle-to-grave passion for this missional task that continues to bless future generations.


God-willing, this faithfulness will be our legacy.

Watch for another article in this series on the SCCS Legacy Plan coming next week!