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since 1905

Legacy Plan

To donate to the Legacy Plan...


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There isn't a great way to indicate which church's Legacy goal you would like your gift applied to.
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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact
Amy Vander Berg, SCCS Director of Development
at 712-722-0777 x3.

The Legacy Plan is


One society – united in Christ – together obeys Christ’s Great Commission to make disciples of all nations, by beginning with our treasured, covenant children.  As one society of believers, we support the distinct, Christ-centered education of God’s children, with a commitment of prayer, the sharing of spiritual gifts, and the pledge of financial support.

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We passionately and faithfully support this obedient task of training God’s children in His Way throughout our entire lives. When God’s children are in their educational years, they are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses who love them, who desire that they daily learn of Christ and His creation, and who gladly and generously invest in their Christ-centered training.




The Legacy Plan ensures that:
Every child at Sioux Center Christian School is treasured as God’s unique design with a one-of-a-kind role in His Story.
Every child is trained in the deep soil of God’s Word and in the wonder of His creation.
Every child is transformed – through the work of the Holy Spirit – by the truth and grace revealed as they daily learn and live God’s Story.
Our baptism promises encompass EVERY CHILD of the covenant who enrolls in our school, so a key commitment of the Legacy Plan is to help provide for the overall mission of Sioux Center Christian School so that every family can be offered the same tuition rate.




On the Day of Christ’s return, may we as a society, still be found faithful in our passion to train His children in His Way. We pray the Holy Spirit will powerfully work in us so that our commitment to Christ-centered education will be passed on through the generations to come. 


What is the SCCS Legacy Plan?

The Legacy Plan is church-based support for Christ-centered education at Sioux Center Christian School. This support from churches annually provides for about 40% of the overall mission of SCCS. The Legacy Plan allows the SCCS Board of Trustees to set tuition rates the same for every family, no matter what church they attend.

Why do churches do this?

Simply -- they believe that the promises made at baptism to “instruct a child in the faith” encompass the learning that takes place at home, in church, and in school. A broad society of supporters invests in Christ-centered education – and they do it their whole lives through!

Do families who pay tuition also give to the Legacy Plan?

Yes! A donation to the Legacy Plan is a gift that overflows from your commitment to Christian education for your children and every child who attends SCCS.
As a church member who has made the promises of baptism for your own children, but also for all the other children in your church (and, in essence, to every child of the covenant), you are asked to give to your church’s commitment to the Legacy Plan, as the Lord has blessed you.

Do families with no students at SCCS give to Legacy Plan?

Yes! Multi-generational support of Christ-centered education is a vital and uniquely beautiful way that the mission of Sioux Center Christian continues! Even if you don’t have students at SCCS now, we ask you to consider giving to your church’s commitment to the Legacy Plan, as the Lord has blessed you.

How do I give to the Legacy Plan?

The SCCS Legacy Plan is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

Many churches have regular offerings for Christian Education, so that you may give that way, to help your church reach their support goal for SCCS, and the other Christian schools they support.

You may also give directly to the SCCS Legacy Plan.
To give directly, write a check to
“SCCS Legacy Plan”.  Please indicate your church on the memo line.
Drop off or mail your donation to:
Sioux Center Christian School  |  630 First Ave SE  |  Sioux Center, IA 51250

OR give online through the link at the top of this page.

The Legacy Plan is a BLESSING to EVERY family!