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Legacy Plan

Why does the Legacy Plan lower the cost of tuition for everyone?

July 12, 2018
By Donald Roth, President of the SCCS Legacy Plan Team

Why does the Legacy Plan lower the cost of tuition for everyone?

When comparing the Legacy Plan to different structures for supporting Christian schools around the country, one difference that stands out is that many forms of support are need-based. So why does the Legacy Plan directly fund the general budget of Sioux Center Christian School, effectively lowering the cost of tuition for everybody? Why not help the needy while the rich pay full price? Although need-oriented support programs are an important part of supporting Christian education, we do have them in place through the benevolent support of many churches for their own members and programs like NICSTO at SCCS. When it comes to the support offered through the Legacy Plan, we feel it is important to provide this on a broad basis for three primary reasons:


Our support is Communal.

The Legacy Plan represents a broad society gathered together to support the cause of Christian education. When we reached out to this society after the first year implementing the Legacy Plan, we heard a strong and consistent voice from the community affirming the Legacy Plan in its current structure, with the majority preferring not to take on a need-based approach and a smaller group feeling that a need-based component should make up, at most, a small portion of the support given. Overall, 88% of the society reported feeling that any need-based component should make up less than 15% of the overall support (if any). In response to this communal guidance, we have maintained our current structure.


Our support is Institutional.

As we laid out in the last article (see the post below), the Legacy Plan is rooted in the belief that the charge to educate our children is a central missional charge to parents and churches. An important and faithful response to this charge is the creation of a Christian school, charged with aiding families and churches in their tasks.

Families who have children at SCCS support the school directly through their tuition. The Legacy Plan represents the churches and broader society of families coming together to offer their support to this institution that we forged together. The Legacy Plan gathers together the institutions of the family and the church in a common community to support the school as an institution. In other words, the Legacy Plan is not supporting SCCS primarily because we want to make it cheaper for individual students but because we represent a community of faith that believes in the broader work of the whole. The Legacy Plan’s mission is to help shoulder the operational costs of the school, not defray the educational expense of the students. SCCS itself is a blessing in our community, and it is worth preserving.


Our support is Missional.

In supporting the missional work of church, home, and school in this way, the Legacy Plan moves beyond simply being a tuition subsidy. The vision is one of inter-reliance and mutual support, forging the bonds of our Christian community, not just at the level of individual people, but of different institutions. As much as the families of the school are blessed by gathering together, so the churches are a mutual blessing to one another as they work together in this task. Whether in baking cookies, rolling pigs-in-the-blanket, competing in basketball tournaments, or standing atop silage piles, the work we do together in our common cause draws our broader society together, forging bonds of friendship and mutual regard that make both individuals and institutions stronger.


For these reasons, the Legacy Team works as one society in support of the cause of Christian education, standing in covenant with one another as churches and families gathered around our school.

Together as one society in united support of this school, we pursue the dream of a vibrant community of faith that provides deep soil for our growth and which flowers out in abundance to the world around us.

Thank you for your faithful support of Sioux Center Christian School through the Legacy Plan!
As we close out the fiscal year on July 31, 2018, we are so very grateful for the commitment that has been shown through the donations from churches and individuals!
If you would still like to contribute to the Legacy Plan for the 2017-18 school year, to help meet the total goal of $1,365,000 ($300,000 remaining as of June 30), we encourage you to give through your church or mail your donation to:
Sioux Center Christian School
Attn: The Legacy Plan
630 First Ave SE
Sioux Center, IA 51250
Checks sent directly can be made to "SCCS Legacy Plan" and are a tax-deductible donation.

Thank you! - The Legacy Team

What is the Legacy Plan all about?

July 02, 2018
By Donald Roth, President of Legacy Plan Team

What is the Legacy Plan all about?

When we first announced the Legacy Plan, our first public communications proclaimed that we desire to be "one society, spread across many churches and families, support[ing] a school committed to an education rooted in Christ and grounded in His Word.” This sort of vision sounds great, but what does it exactly mean? As we announced a month ago, the Legacy Plan has become a separate charitable organization, so what does it mean for this organization to pursue this vision?


Our Vision is Rooted in our Conviction that Christian Education is a Faithful Response to the Missional Charge to both Parents and Churches.

When we think of missions, we often think of missionaries in foreign countries, and while this is an important frontier in the growth of God’s Kingdom,

God also gives us a definite charge to serve Him in bringing the gospel to our children and preparing them for His service.

We are all familiar with Proverbs 22:6’s charge to parents to “train up a child in the way they should go,” and we know that the whole church is charged by Christ in Matthew 28 to “make disciples” and “teach them.” However, we also know that our gifts are not all the same, and James 3 even warns us that not everyone should become a teacher because of the seriousness of this task. Nonetheless, one of the great blessings we have in Christ is that we are not alone. We have churches, families, and institutions like Christian schools which can work together in pursuing this important calling.


Our Mission is Carried out as a Covenant Community.

Christian education, then, responds to these crucial callings by looking to our unity in Christ and, in line with Romans 12, seeking to joyfully serve one another, looking to our spiritual gifts, allowing those gifted in teaching to teach, while those of us gifted in encouragement, generosity, and so many other areas gather around this common task as a covenantal community. The Legacy Plan seeks to support this communal effort by connecting families and churches in a broad coalition united in our support of the mission of Christian Education at Sioux Center Christian School, and we desire to foster and reinvigorate a cradle-to-grave passion for this missional task that continues to bless future generations.


God-willing, this faithfulness will be our legacy.

Watch for another article in this series on the SCCS Legacy Plan coming next week!

Big News for the Legacy Plan!

June 15, 2018
By Sioux Center Christian School

Legacy plan update DONALD ROTH, PRESIDENT OF legacy plan TEAM
June 15, 2018

Big news! We are excited to announce that the Sioux Center Christian School Legacy Plan has formally completed all the steps necessary to become a charity registered with the IRS under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  What this means is that individuals who choose to write a check directly to the Legacy Plan are now able to claim a charitable tax deduction for their gift!

If your church does not take regular offerings for Christian education or if you would like to direct funds specifically to support SCCS, you can now do that by giving directly to the Legacy Plan. You can drop off your checks at the SCCS office or mail them to school marked “Attn: SCCS Legacy Plan.”  All gifts are fully tax deductible and tracked as part of your giving. 

60% of our annual school budget is provided by parents’ investment through tuition, plus NICSTO and TRIP contributions.
The remaining 40% of the budget relies on the provision of our society of believers, which is called the Legacy Plan.

The 2017-18 goal for the Legacy Plan is $1,365,000, and we have received $968,107 through May 31.
We are 83.3% of the way through the year, and have received 70.9% of the annual goal,
with $396,893 yet to be received by July 31, 2018.

When you give to the Legacy Plan, you are helping all families who desire a Christian education for their children and you are joining in the mission to disciple God's children.

We’re so grateful that giving to the Legacy Plan has been keeping pace with last year.  We still have a ways to go to reach our goal, and we encourage everyone to keep giving faithfully.  We are hopeful that this new avenue for supporting the important work of Christian education can help the Legacy Plan successfully meet its goals.  Thank you for your support!

Mailing address:
Sioux Center Christian School
Attn: SCCS Legacy Plan
630 First Ave SE
Sioux Center, IA 51250

In the weeks ahead, we anticipate sharing more with you about the vision of our Legacy Plan mission, as one society of believers, to support the distinct, Christ-centered education of God’s precious children!

Our mission as one society of believers
is to support the distinct, Christ-centered education of God’s covenant children,
with a lifelong commitment of prayer, sharing of spiritual gifts, and financial support.




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