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The state of Iowa has recognized the need to support taxpayers who wish to support Christian education. 
Iowa taxpayers can receive an Iowa tax credit equal to 65% of their donation to a School Tuition Organization such as NICSTO (Northwest Iowa Christian School Tuition Organization). In addition, part of your gift might also qualify for a federal tax deduction, if you itemize.
The NICSTO program includes sixteen schools in NW Iowa and is a great tax benefit to those who will be paying Iowa taxes on their income, while blessing many SCCS families with tuition assistance.

NOTICE: Although our forms specify a December 3, 2019 due date for contributions, we will continue to collect NICSTO contributions until our goal is met or until Dec. 31, whichever comes first. Please give us a call at 712.722.0777 if you would like to know the current status. Thank you! 


If you're an Iowa taxpayer interested in a state income tax credit,

please click here for more information and the contribution form
(Forms are also available at the school office)

We encourage you to visit with your tax professional for specific tax implications and advice on how to best enjoy the donation opportunities of NICSTO.

NICSTO Tuition grants are available to students living in households with income that does not exceed four times the federal poverty guidelines.
Parents or guardians who would like to participate in receiving NICSTO funds, just need to complete an application form and submit it to SCCS by Friday, September 16, 2019.


If you have questions, please contact Kelli Van Roekel, Director of Finance or Amy Vander Berg, Director of Development & Promotions. 712-722-0777.