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... serving God and others as we work and play.
since 1905


Sioux Center Christian School would not exist without your support. Check out Northwest Iowa Christian School Tuition (NICSTO) for one way to show you care about Christian education.


We have partnered with approximately a dozen Christian Schools across Northwest Iowa to reduce the financial burden of Christian education.  Why? We want to keep Christ-centered education affordable for everyone.

Parents/guardians, would you like to participate in receiving NICSTO funds?  Just complete an application form and submit it to SCCS. For further information on NICSTO, click here.

If you're a taxpayer interested in an Iowa state income tax credit, please click here.  For an explanation of the NICSTO Tax Credit, click here.


Thanks for your support of Sioux Center Christian School!

Did You Know?

The amount Sioux Center Christian School qualifies to collect is $297,789 for 2018.  

That money goes straight to tuition costs for Christian education!