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since 1905


Sioux Center Christian School TRIP Information


Kelli Van Roekel, Coordinator

Marg Fedders, TRIP Assistant
Mel Klein, TRIP Assistant

Hours: 8 am – 1 pm


Want to earn money for your tuition account?  You can put your regular household shopping dollars to work!  You earn money for your tuition account without spending any additional money!  Call (or check website) for more information.

To access the online order form, click here.

To access the local business TRIP cash information, click here.


Printable Documents:

TRIP Registration Form

Frequently Asked Questions

TRIP is an acronym that stands for Tuition Reduction Incentive Program.  This program is used by many Christian schools in our area and across the United States.  SCCS has provided this tuition reduction opportunity since May 2004.

What is TRIP?

TRIP is a fundraising program that earns money for your (or someone else’s) tuition account.  Since we are a non-profit organization, we are able to buy “scrip” (substitute money in forms of gift certificates/cards) from national and local retailers.  They’re the same gift certificates that you would purchase at their stores.  TRIP members buy the certificates from SCCS at full face value, redeem them for full value and SCCS passes on the discount to your tuition account.  (SCCS gives 80% of the discount to your account and retains 20% for TRIP expenses.)  It’s an exciting program because everyone wins!  The retailer gets cash up front and repeat business, it’s a fundraising program that involves no selling, and you receive payments for your tuition account.  Let your spending habits work for you at no extra cost!

The wonderful thing about the TRIP program is that you can put your regular household shopping dollars to work.  You earn money for your tuition account without spending any additional money.  Purchases you would make anyway on groceries, gas, meals, clothing, gifts, etc. can generate revenue for your tuition account.  Families who purchase TRIP certificates from SCCS actively support the retailers who participate in the TRIP program.  They know that buying from a participating TRIP retailer provides a steady source of revenue for SCCS tuition accounts.

Who can participate?

Whether you are a current SCCS family, a future SCCS family, a grandparent or a SCCS supporter, you can participate in this great program!  SCCS parents receive the immediate benefit from this program while parents planning to send their child(ren) to SCCS in the future, can begin building up a fund.  The future monies earned are held by the TRIP office and will be credited as a tuition payment when your child is enrolled in SCCS.  Grandparents, friends and supporters of SCCS can direct their credit to any private school in the United States, or they may build up their credit for future use.

How do I join?

A registration form needs to be completed by all participants.  The disclaimer section needs to be completed only if you want to allow your student to take home your order.  There is a one time $10 registration fee.

How do I place an order?

There are 3 ways to place an order –

1.    Stop in the TRIP office any school day between 8-1 for cash & carry orders.  I try to keep everything that is on the order form on hand in my inventory.

2.    Use the on-line order form found at  The order will come to me as an email and you can pay for your order when you pick it up.  These orders will be filled as items are available and you will be notified when your order is completed.

3.    You can now purchase eCards on your Smart Phone, or in the convenience of your own home!  Go to and once you have an account set up, you can start purchasing eCards!  Stop in and ask Sandi or Kelli for details.  You can also email us for the instructions:

If you are unable to pick up an order during TRIP office hours, your order may be picked up in the main office at SCCS until 4:00 pm.

On your TRIP order form, select the number of individual increments desired per individual merchant.  Total your order and complete the top section of the form. (Be sure to fill in your phone number!)  Make checks payable to SC Christian School TRIP.    All orders must be paid in full before they will be released.  TRIP payments are not tax deductible because you are getting product for payment. 

Friends and relatives may order for your account also or they may set up their own account and apply the credit to your account.  (If you have multiple grandkids at SCCS, you can set up multiple accounts for the credit.)

It is up to your discretion how often you would like to place an order!  Keep in mind that the more regular you are with certificate purchases, the more money you’ll earn!

How do I redeem my certificates?

For most TRIP cards, these may be used just like cash or check at participating businesses.  Please refer to each certificate ordered to see if an expiration date has been issued.  (Great website to check out -  Some certificates are issued as paper certificates and can be used just like cash or check.  When using paper certificates, please make your purchase as close to the dollar amount as possible.  Not all businesses will give change back.  Some merchants will offer gift cards as certificates (cards that can be "swiped" at checkout) and these will carry a remaining balance.  (Suggestion for a partially used gift card - wrap the receipt showing the remaining balance around the card for easy reference.)

Charge accounts at Bomgaars and Kohl’s may be paid off with TRIP cards!  You must pay the account at the store.  Gift cards are considered like cash and cannot be mailed for payment.

When do I receive credit to my tuition account?

TRIP credit will be applied to tuition accounts once a month.  All TRIP members will receive a statement of their earnings at time of payout.  All “future” family credit will be held in an account at the TRIP office until your child is enrolled at SCCS.  We will email out reports monthly so you know what is in your account.

How are the discounts set?

Merchants choose the amount of their TRIP contribution.  Merchants may choose to change credit percentages at their own discretion.  The TRIP office will notify you as soon as possible of any changes or updates.  The merchant percentage given is listed behind the store name on the order form.

What is TRIP Cash?

TRIP cash is a form of payment used by several of our businesses.  We print our own “cash” in denominations of $1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 500.  TRIP cash is offered in three different colors (per %) – 3% ORANGE, 5% BLUE, and 10% GREEN.  Each bill has a listing of businesses that will accept the cash.  Keep in mind that some businesses do not give change back.  These certificates cannot be redeemed for cash.

Thank you for taking the time to acquaint yourself with the details of our TRIP program.  If you have any questions, comments, or concerns pertaining to TRIP, please direct them to the TRIP Coordinator, Kelli Van Roekel 722-4663.



Policies of Sioux Center Christian School TRIP

1.    The TRIP program is open to families with current or future students enrolled in any private education organization in the United States to help reduce the cost of tuition.

2.    Each participating family must complete a registration form and pay a one-time $10 registration fee to begin the program.

3.    Family and friends may help you with your tuition reduction by ordering certificates on your order form or by setting up their own account.  If setting up their own account, they must meet requirements in #2.

4.    Under the SCCS TRIP program, 80% of the certificate discounts earned will be applied to your family tuition account and 20% will go back into the TRIP account to help cover expenses incurred with running the TRIP program (envelopes, printing costs, postage, etc.)

5.    Parents looking to the future and planning for the Christian education of their young children may also participate.  These families will be assigned an account number when they join.  The monies earned will be held by the program, and will be credited to their tuition account starting when their child is enrolled in Kindergarten.

6.    The percentage earned in each account will be held in the SCCS TRIP fund, credited to your tuition account monthly and will show up on your tuition statements.  Monies earned can be divided between several families.  Your TRIP statement of purchases and percentages earned will be distributed to you shortly thereafter.  Any discrepancies must be brought to the attention of the TRIP Coordinator within 45 days of the TRIP statement date.

7.    If your child(ren) will no longer attend SCCS for whatever reason, the monies held under your account can be:
a.    credited to your outstanding tuition balance.
b.    credited to another family’s tuition (of your choosing)
c.    credited to the SCCS Tuition Assistance Fund
d.    held in your account under “future” status
e.    credited to your tuition account at either Unity Christian High or Western Christian High School.

8.    Any account that is inactive for a period of three (3) years will be notified.  If no activity is made on the account within thirty (30) days of the notice, the account will be deleted off of the system.  If this account was a “future” account, the monies earned will be credited to the SCCS Tuition Assistance Fund.  Once an account has been deleted, a new registration form must be filled out and another $10 fee paid to receive a new account number.

9.    Order forms must be completed and returned with checks payable to SC Christian School TRIP.  These checks are non-tax deductible because you receive dollar for dollar value.  We reserve the right to change any incorrect dollar amount increments or issue a credit slip.

10.    All completed order forms may be dropped off in the designated TRIP box by the office or in the outside drop box. 

11.    A Disclaimer Form must be signed for each school year before certificates will be released to your child.

12.    These gift certificates are just like cash.  Neither Sioux Center Christian School nor the Coordinator are responsible for lost or misplaced certificates.

13.    Anyone writing a N.S.F. (insufficient funds) check will incur a fee of $20.00 to be paid to the TRIP program.  After two N.S.F. checks are tendered on your account, only money orders or cashier’s checks will be accepted on your account for a period of one year.  After one year, personal checks will again be accepted.  If there is another N.S.F. check, we will only accept money orders and cashier’s checks from then on.


SCCS TRIP Guidelines for Local Businesses

  • 88 Chinese Restaurant (Orange City) - 6% - $10 gift certificates
  • A Lasting Impression – 5% BLUE TRIP cash (Aimee Van Middendorp)
  • Addink & Van Es Dentistry - 10% - Not eligible if you have dental insurance or with same day pay discount.  Balance must be paid in full the same day as service.  Vouchers are available at the Dentist Office.
  • Auto Pride Car Wash - 40% - $25, $50 and $100 Gift cards
  • B&B Plumbing – 3% ORANGE TRIP cash – purchases up to $3,000/year
  • Beauti Control - Andrea Wielenga.  10% Green TRIP Cash
  • Beauty Counter - Libby Van Bruggen - pay her and she will give us a check for the donation. 5%
  • Bomgaars – 5% gift card ($25, $50, $100, $500) – may use to pay off credit accounts in store also (good at all Bomgaars stores)
  • Brother’s Bike Shop – 5% - Pay TRIP and I'll forward a check.
  • Carl’s Footwear (Sheldon) – 10% GREEN TRIP cash
  • Casey's Bakery - 3% - offers gift cards in amounts of $10, 25 and 50.  Not good on day old purchases.
  • Casey’s General Store – 3% gift card – may be used on store purchases and gas – good at all Casey’s stores ($10/$25/$50)
  • Cedar Rock Grille (RV)/Nederlander (OC)/Old Hwy 60 (SH) - 5% - gift cards - $10/$25/$50
  • Center Sports – 10% certificates – used on regular priced merchandise only, no change given back ($1/$5/$10/$20)
  • Central Tire – Voucher - fill out at their office.  $2.00 Rotate and Balance, $2.00 Oil Change, $5.00/tire - new purchase, $20.00 Brake Job.
  • Centre Music - 5% Blue TRIP Cash.  Talk to Kelli about details.
  • Cinema 5 Theater – Adult ticket for $7.00 (14%).  Also offers a Concession ticket for $8.00 (14%) good for 1-85 oz. popcorn & 1-44 oz. drink. They also have $5, $25 and $50 gift cards at 10%). 
  • Coop Gas & Oil - 3% - $25 and $100 gift cards.  Good only at pump.  Not good on bulk fuel delivery.  May use to put money on account for fuel purchases at the pump.
  • Countryside Gardens & Floral (RV) – 5% BLUE TRIP cash 
  • Creative Memories (Pam Van Roekel) - 5% BLUE TRIP cash
  • Culver's - 4% gift card - $5/$10/$25/$50 - good at all Culver's locations
  • Cypress Massage (Donna Tea) - 5% $40 (1/2 Hour), $65 (1 Hour), $75 (1 Hour with hot rocks), $300 (5 1-hour Punch Card)
  • Dairy Queen - 3% - $10 Gift cards - Good at all locations. Also have $5 and $10 certificates at 7%, good only at local DQ.
  • Dr. Paul Beaver – 10% - Fill out a yellow voucher form available from the TRIP office or Dr. Beaver's office.  Give voucher to Dr. Beaver along with full payment and he will send us a check for your tuition account.
  • Driesen Eye Center – 10% – Can be used only for purchase of glasses & contact lenses – cannot be used for eye exams or co-pays.  Pay Driesen directly and they will send us a check for the 10% donation.
  • Economy Shop - RV - 5% BLUE TRIP cash
  • Evie’s Hallmark – 5% gift card ($10/$25/$50).  Good at Sioux Center, Sheldon, Sioux City & Spencer (all Evie’s Hallmark stores).
  • Fareway - 2% gift card - $25/$50/$100/$200 - can be used at all Fareway locations
  • Flooring & Design - 3% $50, $100 & $500 gift certificates, no cash back. $3,000 max per year, no tax or labor.
  • Fruited Plain - 5% Blue TRIP Cash or $10 Gift Certificates
  • Furniture Mart – 3% ORANGE TRIP cash – excludes:  sales tax, financing, contract flooring labor.  Limit of $3,000/year/household.  Parents & grandparents only!
  • Glass Doctor of NW Iowa - 5%, Pay TRIP office directly for the total bill.  Not good on shower doors. Not good on insurance, but can be used towards your deductible.
  • Godfather’s Pizza – 7.5% - $10 paper certificate – Good at Sioux Center and Le Mars.
  • Greenworld – 5% BLUE TRIP cash - cannot be used to pay tax. Maximum of $10,000 per calendar year per household.
  • Ground Effects – 5% BLUE TRIP cash – $5,000 max per year
  • Hair on Hickory (Hull-Shondra Wielenga) - 5% - pay SCCS and I'll forward a check to Shondra.
  • Hardees – 10% - $5 certificates (5-$1 certs)  Good at all Hardees owned by the Hartwigs – Sioux Center, Orange City, Le Mars, Sheldon, Storm Lake, Spencer and Worthington, MN.  NO CHANGE GIVEN BACK.  Also offers a $10 gift card that may be used at ALL Hardee's locations.
  • Holiday Inn Express – 10% GREEN TRIP Cash - good only here in Sioux Center
  • Hy-Vee - 5% gift card – can also be used at the pharmacy ($10/$25/$50/$100/$500)
  • JJ's Lawn Care (Jason De Goei) - 5% BLUE TRIP cash, good on all services, current charges only.
  • Joe's TV & Appliance (OC) - 3% - Pay Joe's and they will forward money to your account.
  • Joiner Dentistry (OC) - 7% - Voucher to fill out at their office
  • Kid’s Corner (RV) – 5% BLUE TRIP cash
  • Lewis Family Drug – 5% Gift Cards – ($25/$100)
  • Mary Kay Products – 10% GREEN TRIP cash – (Denise Boer or Sue Kooiker)
  • Maurices - 7% - $20 gift card - good at all Maurices stores
  • McDonald’s – 4% - $5 and $25 swipe cards (good at all McDonald’s)
  • M&H True Value (RV) - 5% BLUE TRIP cash
  • MJ’s Sinclair – 2% gift card – must present inside store for payment ($25/$50/$100/$200)
  • Moget’s Car Care/Body Shop – 5% - $2000 limit - pay TRIP and I'll forward a check to Moget's
  • Money Concepts - The Planning Firm - 10% on Financial Planning - talk to Kelli or Sandi for the form (or go to their office)
  • Mulder Oil/Northwest Ethanol (OC) – $0.03 per gallon.  Pay Mulder Oil directly and they will forward us a check.  Also other great options for work done there.  Ask Kelli or Sandi for details
  • Neal Chase Lumber - 2% - Pay TRIP directly and we will forward on a check less the 2% we put on your account.
  • Nearly New Town (RV) – 5% BLUE TRIP cash
  • Norwex - Tina Folkerts - 5% BLUE TRIP Cash, Mary Scholten - 5% - Pay her the total bill, she will send a check
  • Pat’s Jewelry – 5% BLUE TRIP cash
  • Petals & Perks – $20 gift certificate, 10%. No cash back.
  • Pizza Hut – 10% - $10 certificates – good at all Pizza Huts
  • Pizza Ranch – 8% - $25 gift cards. Gift cards good at all Pizza Ranch locations.
  • Pro Lawn & Landscape - 3% - Pay TRIP directly and we will send them a check. $1,000 max per year
  • Reichert Tax & Bookkeeping Service - 3% Pay him directly and he will send us a check for the donation.
  • Renae’s Salon & Spa – 3% - $25/$100 gift card – good for all services at Renae’s
  • Rent-All - 3% - can use Orange TRIP cash, or pay full bill to TRIP and we will apply the 3% to your account, $3,000 limit/year
  • Rodan & Fields (Kim Van Zee - 5% - pay Kim and she will give us a check. Not good on tax or shipping.
  • Royal Tan - 4% - $25/$50 gift certificates - no cash back
  • Scentsy - Sam De Weerd - 7% - Pay Sam the full amount due, and she will send us a check to apply the 7% to your account.
  • Small Town Photography - Roni De Groot - 4% Fill out a voucher with Roni, she will send us a check (no tax or shipping)
  • Shell – 1.5% - Gift cards - $25/$50/$100.  Good at all Shell locations.  Also good on bulk fuel delivery.  (See Kelli for more details.)
  • Sioux County Livestock Company (aka Family Table) - 15% $10 gift certificates.
  • Subway – 10% - gift card – ($10/$25/$50) good at all Subway locations
  • Taco John’s – 8% - gift card - $10 and $25
  • Tastefully Simple – 10% GREEN TRIP cash – (Kae Van Engen - 873 16th St SE, Sioux Center, IA).  Call 712-722-0152 or 712-389-2432.  Orders will be shipped directly to your home.  Payment can also be dropped off at John & Kae Van Engen's home. You can also pay them directly, and they will send us the 10% Proceeds.
  • The Station (Hull) – 3% - Can be used for propane bills also (see Kelli for info).  Good on any purchases or services.
  • Thirty-One (Jamie Zomermaand) - 3% - Pay Jamie directly, she will give us a check for the 3% donation.  Not good on tax or shipping.
  • True Vine – 3% gift card ($10/$25/$50) – excludes catechism & Sunday School materials, sale items and purchase of gift cards
  • Van Maanen's (Rock Valley) - 2%, Pay TRIP and we will send them a check.
  • Vander Berg Furniture - 3% ORANGE TRIP cash - cannot be used on labor or tax
  • Ver Hoef Automotive - 3% ORANGE TRIP cash - good on services only
  • Ver’s Pro Auto (RV) 5% BLUE TRIP cash
  • Wal-Mart – 2.5% gift card ($25/$100/$250) good at all Wal-Marts
  • Walstra’s Plumbing & Heating – 3% ORANGE TRIP cash – $2000 limit/customer/job
  • Wielenga Taxidermy - 3% - Pay them, they will send us a check for the donation.
  • Woudstra's Meat Market (OC) - 5% BLUE TRIP cash - not good on Monica Cookbooks