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since 1905

Our Profile

By the Numbers: A Snapshot of Sioux Center Christian School

  • 118 years of teaching God’s covenant children
  • 99% student retention rate
  • 1,260 hours each school year spent training God’s children in the elements of a growing disciple
  • 527 students enrolled for the 2022-23 school year
  • 279 families choosing to partner with SCCS
  • 29 churches represented within our student body
  • 229 students being served through our inclusive education framework, which includes sensory and behavior support, academic support, and a talented/gifted program
  • 98% of parents would recommend our school to a friend, neighbor, fellow church member, family member, or co-worker
  • 98% of our employees would recommend our school to a friend, neighbor, fellow church member, family member, or co-worker
  • 32% of Sioux Center’s elementary-aged children (TK-8th grade) attend SCCS
  • 1 year, 7 months – the average level our students are testing above their current grade in national math and reading assessments (ex: Our 2nd graders on the 2nd grade level math test are scoring as if they were in the 3rd grade, 7th month of school)

Programs, Academics, and Resources We Offer

  • Biblical Integration throughout all areas of the school day
  • Bible classes + core learning areas (math, language arts, science, social studies, reading)
  • Faith nurturing (storyline chapels, connection groups, Teaching for Transformation)
  • Transitional kindergarten (TK)
  • Physical education and team sports (volleyball, basketball, soccer, track)
  • Music and fine arts (orchestra, band, choir, drama)
  • Library, art, and technology classes
  • Academic support (inclusive education, Destination Imagination, Discovery)
  • Social/emotional support (school counselor, sensory services, guidance counseling, Trailblazer Time/life skills training)
  • Health services (school nurse, school hot lunch program)
  • Exploratory learning (minimesters, drama club, Spanish club)
  • Transportation/busing
  • Extended care services (Kindercare, Aftercare, 4Care, Tales and Trails summer camp)
  • Family involvement (PACE parent group, parent visit days, grandparent/special friend visit days)
  • Culture of respect (high standards are expected for student behavior towards their peers and the adults at SCCS, with school discipline administered through the Love and Logic framework)
  • All SCCS faculty, staff, and students practice intruder training. Our building is locked during the school day, all visitors are screened at the front office before entry, and we work closely with local law enforcement to create safety protocols within our building. We also practice several other safety drills.
Our school is accredited by the State of Iowa through Christian Schools International. We meet and exceed all accreditation standards.



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