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THANKS to ALL who attended our  


for the Blazer Center Campus Expansion

TUESDAY  |  MARCH 19, 2024

We were excited to announce at the ceremony that the $50,000 Trail'Raiser Trek early gift match was FULLY UNLOCKED with $50,000 in gifts over a three-week time period!
We are so grateful for the generous giving decisions God's people have made over the past three years to help us reach the milestone of $9M gifted and pledged!! Praise God!
Join us in praying that God will cover every worker in safety and focus over the next 18 months of construction. May every ounce of skill and strength they pour into the Blazer Center glorify God! We look forward to August 2025 when our students can fill those spaces - learning and living God's Story!

Plans for the future Blazer Center campus addition

As part of the next step in our vision for God's kids, this expansion focuses on igniting student opportunities to learn and thrive, deepening our transformational impact on lives.

Within our worship space, learning spaces, performance space, athletic, and gathering spaces, students are treasured and trained so they may be transformed and equipped as the next generation of servant-leaders and restoration workers – now and for their entire lives!


Will you prayerfully consider how you can help IGNITE student learning?


November 2023: Update on the Blazer Center campus expansion plans

Our board of trustees and school leadership have been facing the reality of a challenging economic climate with constantly increasing building costs. They have been actively engaging in reality-based planning to accomplish our original objective of building transforming, meaningful spaces for a growing and flourishing school that would still fall within the original total project cost of $14.7 million approved by the SCCS Society.

Through this planning process, they made decisions that prioritized our multi-purpose performance, athletic, and gathering space, and six middle school classrooms. Additionally, a “value engineered” design/build process was approved to allow coordination between our trusted local contractors and designers to propose more financially efficient solutions throughout the planning and building process. The decision was made to save the 3rd grade classrooms and some team rooms for the next step in our plans. 

The strength of support received throughout the process and the giving level we are at helped our board of trustees make the important decision to move forward. The construction bid was awarded to Hoogendoorn Construction for $13.7 million, which is $1 million below our original estimate!  If we had continued with the original plans (designed in 2019), the cost would have put us well over $14.7 million.  


Enjoy the fly-through video, below...

It was made July 2022 so does not reflect the updated Nov 2023 plans, but is fun to see!

Click anywhere on the image to zoom in on the plans.