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since 1905

Inclusive Education

Every child has unique talents and gifts, and each child is important

– because God created them in His image.

All belong because we are one in Christ, and we welcome every child in a family to attend our school so that the full body of Christ is represented here.
We want to be a school that provides a home for each student in the general education classroom and delivers the support they need for academic and social success.
We have expanded our Inclusive Education services to support and challenge your students – diverse learners – to reach their potential as servants in God’s world.






We believe:

  • All students are unique image-bearers of Christ and should have their needs met, learning and growing so they can serve as covenant members of God’s Kingdom.
  • A child’s value comes from being created in God’s image. Because of this belief, all students belong.
  • Everyone can and should learn and develop academically, socially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.
  • All students can be successful when we provide challenging content, effective instruction, and meaningful assessment. We are committed to all learners.
  • In a strong partnership between the school, church, and home. We believe in collaboration inside and outside the school building.
  • In nurturing the God-given gifts and talents of all students for His purpose and glory.
  • Intentional community and social relationships are key to serving each student well.
  • Not all students need to learn all things, but all students need purposeful learning activities.
  • Teachers and school staff working together leads to the success of all students.
  • In setting high, attainable expectations and in meeting students where they are.
  • In providing supports that are determined by the individual gifts and needs of each student.
  • Each student’s primary classroom is the general education classroom. Students will be included in their general education classroom as much as possible, determined by what works best for all students in the classroom.


Student Supports

Some of our students may need more time, practice, and instruction in order to learn and grow.
Our classroom teachers and inclusive education personnel are trained to identify these students early and begin intervention and classroom support.
We have several faculty and staff members who serve on our inclusive education team. They include:
  • classroom and co-curricular teachers
  • learning center teachers
  • a school counselor
  • a talented and gifted teacher
  • a Title I teacher
  • a school nurse
  • a dean of students
  • a behavior interventionist
  • a sensory specialist
  • school psychology, occupational therapy, physical therapy, consulting, speech, and audiometry services
  • paraprofessionals
  • administrators and directors of inclusive education


Dyslexia Services

As part of our inclusive education framework, we offer dyslexia services for students.  
We believe that a whole child education is important because all students are created in God’s image.  That’s where they get their worth.  We see a need and feel called to meet that need. 
Mrs. Beth Bleeker, the SCCS reading specialistpartners with the Thrive Center for Achievement of Dordt University and its director, Dr. Gwen Marra, to provide research-based services for students during the school day at SCCS.


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