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since 1905

Volunteer Opportunities

Serving God's treasured kids at SCCS

SCCS parents have the privilege of serving the school in ways that benefit our treasured students!
We require each family to serve in at least one of two areas that benefit every SCCS student:

Washing dishes at least once a month
Working at our retail storeOutlet 75 (at least two shifts per year).
Typically, parents sign up in August, but you are welcome to sign up any time during the school year if you are new to SCCS.
Please contact our school office for information on how to sign up!


Additional Opportunities to Serve...

Our parent group, PACE (Parents in Action for Christian Education), serves our school by providing opportunities for fellowship and encouragement to our students and teachers.
In August, parents have the opportunity to sign up to help provide food for our faculty during parent-teacher conferences, or be a part of the teacher/staff encouragement team!
Parents also have the opportunity to serve as a room parent in their child's classroom.
Learn more about the responsibilities of room parents...


In August, parents have the opportunity to sign up as room parents.