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since 1905

Teachers as a Living Curriculum

Our teachers are the living curriculum – the hands and feet of our mission.

When you think about curriculum, textbooks, math, science, writing, and lesson plans come to mind.
But there’s another important part that is essential to the curriculum at Sioux Center Christian School – our faculty!
Our teachers are the living curriculum – the hands and feet of our mission.
Living curriculum teachers at SCCS are:
  • Born-again, growing followers of Christ. They desire that their students experience the same personal relationship with Christ that they have.
  • Happy and positive people. Students trust, respect, and desire to be around them.
  • Humble and trustworthy. They have an open mind and a sensitive spirit. They are approachable and listen.
  • Relationship builders. They understand that modeling through relationships is essential for growth in Christian character. They pay attention to the individual needs of students as they work at building meaningful and appropriate relationships.
  • Committed to treating students with dignity. Students know they can count on a predictable, nurturing, and stimulating environment in the living curriculum teacher's classroom.
  • Parent partners. They believe the best education is one where parents, teachers, and the church work together, supporting students from all sides.
  • Lifelong learners. They never stop getting better at the art and science of teaching. They understand that teaching content is not the only goal.
  • Motivated to motivate. They take time with students one on one. To see a student serving God, using his or her gifts clearly within the will of God, provides an indescribable joy to the living curriculum teacher.