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since 1905

Discovery Program

Every child is created uniquely by God.  

Some need a helping hand, while some need an extra challenge.  


That is where our Discovery Program comes in.
The Discovery Program supports students and teachers by offering a variety of academic enrichments, extensions, and challenges to those who need it. 


The program works with a range of students:
  • those who demonstrate outstanding abilities in one or more academic subjects
  • those who have a keen interest or ability within a subject area
  • those who demonstrate creativity in their work and/or in their thinking
  • those who need to be challenged in higher thinking level skills
  • and those who need to develop their leadership and/or communication skills in order to share their gifts and talents with others
Critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication are key components of the Discovery curriculum.  Enrichment occurs both within the classroom and outside of it, depending on the needs of the student and the curriculum.
How does a student qualify for the program?  Teacher observation, test results, student work, and parental input are important sources for identifying students for the Discovery Program.


To learn more about our Discovery program, click here for Mrs. De Smith's web page...