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since 1905

SCCS Alumni

Welcome, SCCS Alumni!

Sioux Center Christian School has been around since 1905 and has impacted the lives of thousands of students, who are continuing to live God's Story in a life-long transforming way that has roots at SCCS.
We love connecting with alumni and hearing stories from your years at Sioux Center Christian!


Schedule a Visit

We invite you to visit our school building to reminisce, see what's new, visit former faculty and staff members, take pictures, see your old class graduation picture, talk to current students, and be reminded of how God is continuing to work through SCCS.
To schedule a visit, contact the school office at or 712.722.0777.
You are always welcome here as a life-long member of the SCCS family!


Update Your Information

We want to stay in touch with our alumni! Having updated contact information means you stay up-to-date on school events, the strategic direction of our school, and all things SCCS through our quarterly newsletter, the SCCS Connection.
You are an important part of the story of Sioux Center Christian School, and we would love to have you know what's happening so you can remember and pray for us and our students.

If it's been awhile since we've connected with you, please share your current contact information with us using the form below.