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since 1905

Financial Accessibility

At Sioux Center Christian School, our families are making a significant commitment to have their children educated in God’s Word.  They are making a lasting investment in each child’s future. 
In fact, they’re making an eternal investment!
We recognize that commitment and understand that each family has unique financial circumstances.  That’s why Sioux Center Christian School’s doors are open to all families who desire a Christ-filled education and meet all admissions requirements.
Think you can’t financially access a Christian education at SCCS? Think again!
We have families of all income levels and financial resources represented at our school. In fact, the majority of families choosing Sioux Center Christian School consider themselves middle income – not millionaires.
Families who want a Christian education for their child will not be turned away from our school due to finances.
Reach out and schedule a visit so we can talk through options and share how a Christ-centered education is accessible to all families who desire it, regardless of income level or financial resources.