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since 1905



with tuition assistance grants that also give you a wonderful tax benefit!
The state of Iowa allows School Tuition Organizations (STOs) to receive donations that are given as Tuition Assistance grants to students who qualify.
NICSTO (Northwest Iowa Christian Schools Tuition Organization) is the school tuition organization that Sioux Center Christian School belongs to.
Your desire to help God's kids learn His Story in every area of school life can be fulfilled by giving to NICSTO!
100% of your gift will help qualifying students attend SCCS and

you will receive 75% of your gift BACK

in the form of an Iowa Tax Credit!



How many lives are impacted by my NICSTO gift?

In the 2023-24 school year:
264 students (49% of our students!)
$163,491 in NICSTO Tuition Assistance Grants
For 2024, our NICSTO gift goal is $394,810. This means that for the 2024-25 school year, our treasured students could receive $394,810 in grants at a net cost of $98,702 to donors. That is efficient and effective giving!


How do I give to God's kids through a NICSTO contribution?

1) Complete the contribution form and include your gift (payable to NICSTO)
Copies of the contribution form are also available at the school office.
You may give any donation amount (no minimum or maximum).
You may donate CASH, GIFTS in KIND of grain, appreciated STOCK, and bonds.
You may donate from your IRA (including your RMD).
2) Mail or drop off your donation to Sioux Center Christian School or the NICSTO address on the form.
3) You will receive a receipt confirming your donation.
4) Your tax credit certificate, valued at 75% of your gift, will be sent to you in January 2025.
5) Include your tax credit certificate with your completed Iowa income tax form; the amount is taken directly off the amount you owe in Iowa state taxes.
Note: If your tax credit certificate exceeds your 2024 tax liability, the excess may be credited to your tax liability for up to the following five tax years or until depleted, whichever comes first.
If you itemize on your federal tax return, you may be able to deduct 25% of your donation as a charitable contribution.

We encourage you to visit your tax professional for specific tax implications and advice on how to best enjoy the donation opportunities of NICSTO.


Click here to see illustrations of potential tax implications for individuals, S Corps, LLCs/Partnerships, Trusts, Estates, and C Corporations...



Schools in NICSTO:

Clear Lake Classical Academy
Hull Christian School
Hull Protestant Reformed Christian School
Inwood Christian School
Ireton Christian School
Netherlands Ref. Christian School
North Iowa Christian School
Northwest Iowa Protestant Reformed School
Orange City Christian School
Rock Valley Christian School
Sanborn Christian School
Sheldon Christian School
Sioux Center Christian School
Siouxland Christian School
Trinity Christian High School
Unity Christian High School
Western Christian High School


Tuition Grant opportunity for SCCS families...

SCCS families/guardians may apply for NICSTO tuition grants if their household income is below 400% of the federal poverty guideline.


Click here for information on our Tuition Grant application process...