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since 1905

How We Teach

A school is all about student learning.

And how a school teaches directly affects how and what students learn.


Sioux Center Christian School teaches from the Reformed biblical perspective using the Teaching for Transformation framework.
We believe this Reformed biblical perspective combined with high quality academics, a whole child focus, fantastic teachers, and parents as partners is the best combination for student learning. 

We invite you to learn more!






Biblical Worldview

We are committed to the Reformed Christian perspective, which is lived out through the Teaching for Transformation framework. 




High Quality Academics

We want your children to learn more about God so they can serve Him and others in their work and play.




Whole Child Focus

Your whole child will be nurtured and supported at Sioux Center Christian School.




Teachers as a Living Curriculum

Our teachers are the hands and feet of our mission.




Parents as Partners

We do our best work when we partner with you.