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since 1905

High Quality Academics

We want your children to learn more about God so they can serve Him and others in their work and play.

And we know you do, too! 

High quality academics drive student learning, and we want students to benefit from the best methods and tools available. 
Our teachers work each day to design learning experiences that best meet the needs of students while engaging them as whole people. 
We love your children, and we love learning!








Our Curriculum


National Standards

Sioux Center Christian School is accredited through the Iowa Department of Education by Christian Schools International. We meet and exceed all accreditation standards.
We are committed to instructional standards because God is glorified when we seek to be excellent as we prepare and equip His children. We stay relevant and current in what we are teaching so we can prepare God's students for their next level of education, their career, and their life.
When each curricular area is reviewed, a team of teachers and administrators examines the Common Core/Iowa Core to determine our school’s desired level of alignment within that curricular area. Alignment requires diligent effort on our part – we carefully weigh standards from the Core and implement standards only when they reflect our desired rigor and do not conflict with our beliefs.
We believe SCCS is called to high standards, and national standards help us to organize, achieve, and remain accountable.



Research Based

We want students to learn as much as possible and to experience success and joy in learning. To do that, our teachers use tools that are current, relevant, and age appropriate.
To best meet the needs of today’s children means focusing on today’s research and today’s methods.
We want your children to have learning experiences that nurture their hearts and minds to seek, know, and follow God and to respect who they’ve been created to be.
At SCCS, you’ll see teachers learning from one another, collaborating, and trying new techniques to improve their craft.
Engaging students in learning today and preparing students for their future is our passion and calling!




Students learn best when we capture their attention, curiosity, interest, optimism, and passion.
When you visit our classrooms, you’ll see students gathered around a table with magnifying glasses exploring the details of a flower, students whose hands are dirty with clay forming a mug, students in small groups debating a topic, students physically acting out words they are learning, and more.
SCCS teachers take student engagement seriously because engagement leads to deep learning
And we want your children to experience deep learning!