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since 1905

Trailblazer Time

At the beginning, middle, and end of each day

SCCS students participate in Trailblazer Time.


Our deep hope during Trailblazer Time is to build relationships and encourage students to see themselves as a part of God’s Story.
Your children are welcomed into a safe, friendly environment that allows them to be valued, seen, and heard each day. Students are empowered to identify and communicate their emotional and social needs and to care for one another.
Each day begins with a morning greeting. Each child is welcomed by name. Each child welcomes others. Students practice making eye contact, using good manners, and showing respect for others. The morning greeting time is often one of the favorite parts of our students’ day!


Throughout the day, teachers build a positive classroom culture and community by being intentional about discussing topics and forming habits and practices not covered in our subject area curriculum.