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Formational Learning Experiences

Formational learning experiences (FLEx) are ways we practice being a disciple.

They are opportunities for your children to put hands and feet to the storylines and throughlines (discipleship characteristics) they have been exploring and learning in their classroom! We want students to have practice living the life of discipleship – actually doing something with what they’ve learned. Practicing then becomes a habit, and habits shape who we are.
Kindergarten students live out their classroom storyline by learning about maps. They explore the parts of a map, why maps are important, and how they can make a map. They see that God created order in His world and have the opportunity to be community builders by creating maps of various spaces on the SCCS campus and delivering those maps to preschoolers so these younger students can become familiar with where they will be learning the following year when they join us at SCCS.
Sixth grade students live out their storyline by first studying environmental topics. They see that God created everything in His world and understand how they have a responsibility to care for His creation. Students spend the night at Oak Grove State Park (complete with dinner with parents, praise and worship, s’mores, and sleeping in a tent!) and then live out a year-long partnership with the park through research, writing, creating a bike path, and more.
FLEx opportunities give SCCS students the chance to be active in God’s world, living their learning their faith as His disciples!